Ants Vs Eagle

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The way ants collect food for their living for hay days are well known since generations.

As you see here, one wise chap among the ants managed to get a birds eye view from top of the tree to re-strategize their on-ground activities. This helped him make his workforce fly back to their ant hole (rather than walking down again) with leaves with better pace and precision. This increased their productivity while their workforce were less exhausted. 

Why did we learn here?

You have been doing your work on-ground and you have been doing good. You can do better, if you get away from your work and relook at it from a birds eye view. You get better understanding on the tasks in hand, you reoptimize your workforce, ultimately delivering what your stakeholders want with faster pace and better quality.  

Let us look at the same from a different perspective – EAGLE

Eagles are considered to the “Lord of the Air” for a reason.


  • They prey aerial,
  • They live of anything they can prey upon with no distinction,
  • They move across locations,
  • They prey both on land and water.

Crux, they don’t live on mercy of weather. They don’t have a concept of hay days. They don’t need to store food.

They hunt food, moving across location keeping them spatially aware off the situation.

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All birds find shelter during a rain. But eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds.

– 11th President of India | Indian Aerospace scientist


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