Early Warning Strategy

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Spatial Presence: Philosophy

Line of Sight has been the most important aspect of any warfare strategy. Medieval warfare were quite well thought, in terms of their strength and weaknesses. Eg. Forts were always built on high terrain keeping long distance watch as per their line of sight for any intrusions. Taking it a step further, they would have trained birds lingering all around the forts to have long distance watch where humans weren’t capable enough for any territorial inceptions as an early indication. These acted as both deterrence and early warning radar systems in their own way.


In todays world post urbanization, all these basics have been adopted only by military segments with early detection radars etc. The fundamental concept in these are not brought onto commercial segments. •We have a lot to learn from this.


Reality check

 Industries are busy and complacent working on ground with no birds eye view to catastrophes’ in their businesses though they have state of the art systems to help. With open commercial borders, almost all manufacturers have their supplies and sales spread across geolocation to an extent across geo political boundaries. With uncertainty prevailing all across, these enterprises face a lot of challenge meeting their timelines and production line.


Below are the areas which impact businesses on their Supply Chain, in turn their business.

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Can we fix this?


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