Epidemic enroute Pandemic – Are we learning?

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This is pure conceptual blog on how we can work togther to curb and then eradicate the next big!

Background: Pandemics from Nipah, MERS, SARS and its variants are just the tip of the ice berg. If we have to rely on the medical reports the coming generations would be seeing more of these. (https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-52775386)

Not that we need to be afraid off, we need to find mechanism to help curb it the time its seen first.

Earlier Days

Sometimes way back in 2017, I was in discussion with Indian Pediatric council how can we help them in terms of any epidemic spread. That’s the time they introduced us to a brilliant tool from the medical council which helps in reporting as a reactive tool. We put in an idea where the first outbreak of any epidemic to its spread (contraction) can be monitored keeping in loop Govt institutions like Police (to cordon off the area), Pharma companies (to speed up the process of manufacturing medicines), Logistics companies (to keep themselves equipped for faster delivery on SOS) followed by Hospital mesh network.

This was well received by the council, but then the real world didn’t find a need to it hence was put to a back burner.

Time flew, we had Nipah and now Corona which has disrupted each one of us in some way or the other.

Based on the article above, Covid-19 is just tip to the iceberg. The world is yet to see many of these strains coming in real life.

Isn’t there a need we mankind equip ourselves to this rough times going forward to keep the world safe?

Inter twine all the actors on a platform to help them communicate with each other real time faster to help deep dive the situation to help them find immediate solutions to curb the epidemic as outlined here. 

Let’s sample this to a state of Rajasthan.

Below is a workflow how this can be handled:


  1. Patient detected with chronic symptoms on a high potential risk virus
  2. Doctor advise the patient for tests based on symptomatical analysis
  3. Doctor immediately alert the police, AIIMs  about the same
  4. AIIMs and Primary Doctor discuss the case
  5. AIIMs immediately would allocate a lab for the test
  6. AIIMS informs the local body to quarantine the area and the patient in consideration.
  7. If clinically tested positive, AIIMS would confirm police and area square mile of 20 kms to be cordoned off STRICTLY
  8. Each resident within this area allocated from Sensex and Mobile Tower DB an SMS to visit Lab allocated earlier for test. If tested negative, put on quarantine for X days and then released the containment zone.
  9. If tested positive still put onto another high profile containment zone
  10. Either positive or negative ink mark the individual appropriately
  11. This zone should be supplied with enough medicines from the pharma AIIMs already have notified
  12. Same would be the scenario for Foods and Supplies to this area from retailers

This section of the page isn’t meant for sales. It’s a blog meant for your grey cell stimulation   

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