With online and age old offline platforms competing neck to neck to serve their end customers, the FMCG business brings in added curiosity and chaos to meet the much required speed a.k.a hyper delivery model.

The food supply chain segment continues to grow rapidly, with consumers now expecting exotic foods, fresh on their plates, year round. This has extended the supply chain geographically and across many more parties, making the supply chain longer and more complicated than ever. A consumer in west wants food from east and vice versa bring the world taste buds together.

Producers, manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers and other parties are under pressure to get their products to the market quickly, safely, and in the best possible condition. That’s a major challenge.

The Farm Bill Act in India brings much more need to get all these right realtime.

A typical food supply chain is made up of six stages:

  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Production
  • Processing and packaging
  • Storage
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Retail redistribution to consumers

If any one of these stages is compromised, a variety of issues will arise and the whole supply chain will be in jeopardy. Let’s look at some of the issues that food supply chain managers need to deal with, and how they can be fixed.

Typically below are the issues around FMCG industry not meeting the end customer demands.
1. Lack of traceability
2. Inability to maintain the safety and quality of your products
3. Inadequate communication between parties
4. Rising supply chain costs
5. Failure to track and control inventory in warehouses and stores


That’s where WIAN comes in handy. WIAN Maps helps achieve the following:

  1. Track supplies to factory and from factory to outlets realtime boost utmost realtime traceability bringing in utmost transparency.
  2. Installation of non tampered locks and tracking GPS help meet safety standards and quality check on perishable goods
  3. Lets not leave humans to do all communication, let WIAN Maps drive and show you where are your supplies and sales real time.
  4. Keep your fleet in movement only if required. Why not replenish the stores from nearby stores with spatial relativity which WIAN Maps makes it explicit realtime curbing your fleet cost.
  5. As mentioned above, we would not only track, we would show your business on maps for being proactive. If you see jeopardy with situations changing Amber from Green, act on those painpoints realtime doing jeopardy operations on maps
  6. Bring in transparency realtime both on SCM and Sales
  7. Based on historical data we would also suggest you both the suppliers and stores who aren’t performing well
  8. Finally we want you to achieve excellence in terms of being a “Cognitive Enterprise” organization.

Let’s discuss your digitization journey and how we can help you.

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