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Pharma is the most sensitive sector of all. Reason being delays and adulteration due to mismanagement can be lethal.

Each touchpoints in Pharma supply chain need immense co-ordination, micro management with adequate quality checks.

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Courtesy – Wendover Productions & YouTube

The key entities in this business are raw material suppliers, fleet operators (inhouse or outsourced), sourcing agencies, their temperature controlled warehouses, pharmaceutical company itself, regulators, post production warehouses all the way to the hospitals where these vaccines would be consumed over end users.


Monitoring all this has/ would be critical!

For sampling take an example of Covid-19 vaccine distribution. While pharma companies working with midnight oils, its utmost important the supply chain to the end user is done with impeccably quality. This is itself challenging to pharma companies and Government administrations.

That’s where WIAN comes in handy. It can make sure your raw materials required for medicines are tracked all the way from your suppliers onboarding to fleet, arriving at its destination realtime. Once you manufacture the medicines we would again track if from your factory all the way to hospitals making sure minimal human intervention with intense real time monitoring.

  1. By GPS tracking, vehicle locks and temperature monitoring realtime any excursions would be immediately alerted to the right stakeholders to make sure you can then decide if you want to void the consignment, in ply with regulatory. The same protocol would be followed on your finished product from factory to hospitals where it would be consumed.
  2. Doing real time monitoring over WIANMaps you can make sure the demands and supplies are kept in synch, so that you don’t over produce or under produce.
  3. It can make sure your demands are met real time, keeping you factories in production against real demands and minimal to zero forecasting and speculations. You see we help you being proactive in terms of your supplies and sales.

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