As per a survey, only 23% of respondents say they are capable at identifying risk in Supply Chain

Is this Good enough? 


Spatial Intelligence As-a-Service

  • We help your enterprises maximize Sales, whilst work on your Supply Chains to curb cost.
  • We thus help you on 2 pivotal fronts – higher revenues and large cost savings on your Supply Chain.  

WIANMaps – An Illustrative video


Key Features – WIAN Maps

Map Based Dashboard

Intuitive map based dashboards for your Department Heads and Operation staff to monitor both your Sales and Supply Chain

Actionable LI

Your staff can perform both Sales and Supply Chain operations on WIANMaps with no swivel chairs

Alert Management

Configurable, Logged and Audited Alerts to ensure your system and people are made accountable


Lean Management

Synchronizing SCM and Sales to curb overproduction and under production & increase faster Time to Market

See what are supposed to?

Using Role Based Access Mechanism we make sure your staff see what they are supposed to see. i.e. Sales would see Sales while procurement would see consignments and their allocated suppliers across their allocated geographies only. 

End to End Track & Trace

WIAN Maps tracks both your Sales and Supplies from inception to end point for that much needed peace of mind


Cognitive Enterprise

With data WIAN Map would suggest and predict your product roadmaps elevating your business to Cognitive Enterprise

Why WIAN Maps?

  • Makes your enterprise Sales and Supplies interact realtime with each other
  • Curb your overproduction and avoid underproduction achieving your enterprise Lean Management
  • Less consignments in transit; meaning save your logistic cost using IoT
  • With historic data, WIAN Map starts suggesting and predicting issues around the processes and help refine your product roadmaps using AI and ML.

All these would be made available on handheld apps for ease of use. 

All birds find shelter during a rain. But eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. 

– 11th President of India | Indian Aerospace scientist

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