CRM & Supply Chain

Decision Support System


We help enterprises take business critical decisions with precision rate of an Air Traffic Control



End to End Business Visibility in REAL-TIME across multiple stakeholders


Configurable REAL-TIME Alerts to help proactively control your business keeping ecosystem accountable

Decision Support

Have holistic data that really matters to take REAL-TIME critical business decisions 


Intelligent agents run the supply network without human intervention

Purchase Protection

Minimal disruption to your current IT ecosystem and no disruption to your current business operations

Lean Management

With our Decision Support System we would make your sales and supplies interact with each other REAL-TIME


REAL-TIME monitor your supplies as its reach the manufacturing hub

Have track on your supplies all the way from suppliers/ vendors to logistic partner to your receiving bay


Decision Support System

24 hrs, 7 Days a Week

We do the heavy lifting tracing your supplies both backward and forward. You be at ease. At times of jeopardy, we would reach you so that you can command us what needs to be done based on the options we provide you.


Get REAL-TIME visibility on your sales as it happens

Make sure your sales outlets talk to each other rather than contacting you for replishments

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Remember, we dont change any of your IT ecosystems

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Let us help you, so that you can help your customers better

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