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We help you elevate your Sales while curb costs on your Supplies

Mobile Apps

Mobile View

Maps dashboard

Dashboard View


Proactive Alerts


Sales and Supplies in synch

Map Based Dashboard

Intuitive map based dashboards for your Department Heads and Operation staff to monitor both your Sales and Supply Chain

Actionable LI

Your staff can perform both Sales and Supply Chain operations on WIANMaps with no swivel chairs

Alert Management

Configurable, Logged and Audited Alerts to ensure your system and people are made accountable


Lean Management

Synchronizing SCM and Sales to curb overproduction and under production & increase faster Time to Market

Access Control

We make sure your staff sees what they are supposed to see. i.e. Sales would see Sales while procurement would see consignments and their allocated suppliers across their allocated geographies only. 

360 deg Visibility

WIAN Maps tracks both your Sales and Supplies from inception to end point for that much needed peace of mind


Cognitive Enterprise

With data WIAN Map would suggest and predict your product roadmaps elevating your business to Cognitive Enterprise

Map based REAL TIME Dashboard

  • Intuitive map based dashboard both for your sales and supplies.
  • The data shown would be controlled role based to make sure each user have their own set of data to visualize and action upon.

Supplier Tracking

Using WIAN Maps Supplier App, you can capture the following details:

  1. Supplier and Vehicle Geo co-ordinates at time of consignment onboarding,
  2. Timestamp dd-mm-yyyy | hr:mn:sec,
  3. Consignment details with consignment bar code pictures,
  4. Vehicle details with pictures and
  5. Onboarding personnel’s data and pictures

In crux, 360 deg consignment onboarding data including which are audited.

Realtime Consignment In-Transit Tracking 

Using WIAN Maps Driver App, we help capture REAL TIME geo co-ordinates, timestamps, consignment details, vehicle details.

  1. If any delay in movement considering trend, alarm both supplier and receiver using IoT and ML.
  2. If any detour from defined route, alert the stakeholders
  3. If App switched off them last traced location need to be considered

Note: Also the same can be considered using secured GPS devices for vehicle tracking, temperature monitoring clod chain trucks and vehicle non-tampering locks


Actionable Location Intelligence

WIANMap in all form (Apps, On-Prem, On-Cloud) operate as an Actionable LI (Location Intelligent) on our platform which we offer As-a-service.

  1. We make sure you have seamless interactions with your downstream CRMs and Supply Chains systems
  2. This would help you do operations on maps without swivel chairing multiple applications, especially while handling jeopardies

What you Get?

  • Make Sales and Supplies to interact realtime with each other

  • Lean Management – curb your overproduction and avoid underproduction

  • Less consignments in transit – save your logistic cost using IoT

  • With historic data, WIAN Map would start suggesting and predicting issues around the processes and help refine your product roadmaps using AI and ML.

Our Design & Development Process

We walk with you the path from Dark to Dawn!

Strategy & Roadmap.

We study your existing Processes and work out areas of improvements in agreement with you. We then understand your Database schema so that we can make WIAN Maps and your existing systems talk to each other seamlessly.

Visual & UX Design

We present you a UX and work with your users what they would like to see. Based on this we tailor our UX to meet your specified requirements.


As part of scale up, it would be mere integrations, since we have the platform ready. We are happy to claim, we go live in 3/4 months *.

Launch & Monitor

We don’t leave you lonely in this journey. We monitor the product performance with you to make sure you are happy. We are with you for a lifetime. Its a promise!


Location Intelligence and its Market

Sector Agnostic

This pandemic has made industries realize the need for Location Based Solutions for Remote Monitoring bringing Spatial Intelligence to its epicenter. This would help industries realtime track and trace both their sales and supplies while take critical decisions to bring down cost while still surge on their sales.

What We Offer Technically

We help mapping your IoT onto our platforms as outlined below.

Mobile Apps

Connect our mobile apps to your or our IoT solutions.

Eg. QR/ Bar Code scanners, POS scanners, GPS devices, Temperature/ Humidity monitors, Non-Tampering locks

Roadmap & Strategy

Based on data collected, we would help you data mine your product roadmaps with Suggestive and Predictive algorithms.

Backend & API Development

We do bespoke Integrations to some IT systems which are not on our radars.

User Centric Experiences

We give you an intutive worldclass dashboard keeping “You” as a User at the solution epicenter

WorldClass Support

24 / 7 / 365

Data backups

We can Data recover our data collected onto FLAT files for historic use. Also help in connecting the same onto your DR databases if that helps you.

Product Updates

Our product roadmap would be timely communicated to you so that we can work at long term upgraded as we trek our path together

Award Winning quality

We want your success. Our success is associated to you.

BlockChain Integration

Based on the analysis and number of actors in your enterprise we can look forward to onboard you on our Blockchain platform down the line.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

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