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We make your enterprise sales Agile to meet market dynamicity while still curb your supply chain operational cost


DIY  Analytics Dashboard with no IT intervention

WIAN Decision support system

DIY  REAL-TIME Supply Chain Decision Venue


Alternative Supplier Management for jeopardy management 

Industry 4.0 AI / ML

Re-imagine forecasting, inventory and shop-floors

Map Based Dashboard

Intuitive map based dashboards for your Management and operational staff to monitor your Sales and Supplies

Actionable LI

Perform both Sales and Supply Chain operations on WIANMaps with no swivel chairs

Alert Management

Proactive configurable, logged and audited alerts to ensure your system, process and workforce is made accountable


Lean Management

Synchronize your Sales and Supplies to curb overproduction and under production with faster Time to Market

Access Control

We make sure your staff sees what they are supposed to see. i.e. Sales would see Sales while procurement would see consignments and their allocated suppliers across their allocated geographies only. 

360 deg Visibility

Provide both external and internal visibility on your entire business ecosystem as one Single-Source-of-Truth


Cognitive Enterprise

With historical and operational data we would suggest and predict your product roadmaps elevating your business to Cognitive Enterprise

Map based REAL TIME Dashboard

  • Intuitive map based dashboard, both for your sales and supplies.
  • The data shown would be role based access controlled

Supplier Tracking

Using WIAN Maps Supplier App, you can have better control on your supplies:

  1. Track Supplier and Vehicle Geo co-ordinates while consignment onboarding,
  2. Timestamp dd-mm-yyyy | hr:mn:sec as a data set,
  3. Consignment details like vehicle details, loader’s details barcoded.

Crux, you have 360 deg consignment data REAL-TIME for any audits.

Actionable Location Intelligence

WIANMap in offered on Apps, On-Prem and Cloud as an Actionable LI (Location Intelligent) platform 

  1. We make sure you have seamless interactions with your downstream CRM and Supply Chain systems
  2. We help you do operations on maps without swivel chairing multiple applications, especially while handling jeopardies

In-Transit Consignment Tracking 

Using WIAN Maps Driver App, you can capture REAL-TIME geo co-ordinates, regular timestamps, consignment details, vehicle movements to ensure supply stability on procurement.

  1. Vehicle delays can be alarmed to suppliers and receivers REAL-TIME with IoT and ML.
  2. Vehicle detours can be alerted to the assigned stakeholders
  3. Last traced location need to be considered in case of phone/ app failures

Note: We also integrate with GPS devices for vehicle tracking, temperature dehumidifiers for on cold chains monitoring and vehicle non-tampering locks


Our Design & Development Process

We walk with you the path from Dark to Dawn!

Business Consulting

We help our clients realize functional operating model with tangential output on practical timelines

Process consulting

We relook into your process and suggest a best way forward with minimal technology intervention

Technology consulting

We look at a problem End-to-End. If this requires technologies outside WIAN, we are happy to consult you to make sure you have a holistic solution. 

Vendor Consulting

We bring in value suggesting/ selecting vendors on a compatible scalable technology stack for our client’s end to end business model

What you Get?

  • You get your Sales and Supplies interacting REAL-TIME 
  • You achieve Lean Management keep check on overproduction and avoid underproduction
  • You save on logistics cost by ensuring optimum movement of goods. This helps in less carbon footprints and sustainability    
  • In-a-nutshell, you have better grip on your business.



Control Tower & Spatial Intelligence 

Sector Agnostic

  • Control Towers Market Worth $17.24 Billion By 2027 | CAGR: 16.7%
  • Spatial Intelligence Market Worth $32.8 Billion By 2027 | CAGR: 5.2%

Note: The impacted market would add to the Market cap with our offerings

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