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We make your enterprise sales Agile to meet market dynamicity while still curb your supply chain operational cost

Few Fact Check


Companies still have no visibility or restricted view to their supply chain


Time employees spend on checking PO statuses to ascertain procurement status


Time employees spend on responding to customer queries seeking info.


Time employees in your organization looking for missing notices to keep your sales insynch


$ Billion it costs for Unplanned Downtime worldwide yearly across SCM industries

$ lost an hour average on shopfloors for production downtime and associated chaos

The solution inevitably revolves around DATA!

is born with this very intention to surface these anomalies with our data product lines 

Our Product Line


DIY  Analytics Dashboard with no IT intervention

WIAN Decision support

High-End REAL-TIME Supply Chain Decision Venue


Alternative Supplier Management for jeopardy management 

Industry 4.0 AI / ML

Re-imagine data

WIAN Product Offerings – Philosophy

| There is always a philosophy to all our product line(s)

“Plans are Nothing; Planning is Everything”attributed to former US President Dwight Eisenhower.

The fundamental of this saying is deep rooted within the new age Supply Chain strategies. Age old planning and more planning really don’t hold good in this realistic unsettled and uncertain era. Your customers want more and that too fast and with high quality.

Conventional MRPs or even Demand sensing MRPs would falter since the demand sense taken 5 mins back would be radically changing with time. This change can either be your customer demands or your procurement movements not keeping inline to your sales.

Supply Chain Planning

Every element of your supply chain is on a moving platform. One need to breathe into this reality and strategize accordingly.

That’s where WIAN can help you. We look at these moving elements in your entire Supply Chain and study trends while we connect the dots which today is running or analyzed in siloes. We look at factors outside your ecosystem which may impact and then help you on the following areas. Remember it’s absolutely curated.

We spoke to two commercial paint companies, and both were into the same business competing against each other, but they had very different priorities and use cases. We believe one size never fits all and we believe giving you tailor made solutions over our data platform.

That’s why we first consult, prioritize, curate and productize your use case for you to achieve never-seen-before results:

  1. Demand Planning
  2. Merchandize Financial Planning
  3. Network Design
  4. Production Planning
  5. S&OP and S&OP Execution
  6. Allocation & Replenishment
  7. Supply Planning

“Enterprises must learn and implement good ol’ military strategies in the civilian world for better outcomes” 

The fundamental remains the same. One must not leave without debriefing and reflecting on their strategy and lessons learned from a mission. Before we make any strategical changes its utmost important to mine the existing data (past), be well aware off the surroundings (present) and then work inwards before you head outwards.    


Supply Chain Execution

  • Shipping cost has sky rocketed post pandemic
  • World still stands uncertain where your consignments are at mercy of this world
  • To counter this, are you right now Over Stocked Or Under Stocked?

While we blame logistics delays which stands obvious, are there other avenues not looked at?

Are delays which out of your control, really avoidable?

That’s the point, we must start to pivot.

The image here should give you a fair idea where are the loose ends. Pivotal to a right Supply Chain Execution strategy within logistics is to look inwards, curb them and then attend to Social SCM hindrances and finally delve into traditional strategies working around ERPs. This is only achieved with high end data analysis on AI.

Don’t be afraid to peel off the name tag and be brutally honest about what went wrong”. We have your back! 

Come talk to us, we shall surely look backwards, inwards and outwards to help bring in the much-needed speed on your logistics using the following solution areas on WIAN Decision Support System:

  1. Transport Management
  2. Logistics Network
  3. Telemetry
  4. Warehouse Management

Our Consulting Services

We walk with you the path from Dark to Dawn!

Business Consulting

We help our clients realize functional operating model with tangential output on practical timelines

Process consulting

We relook into your process and suggest a best way forward with minimal technology intervention

Technology consulting

We provide holistic technologies solution with a mix breed or WIAN and others unbiased. 

Vendor Consulting

We bring in compatible scalable technology stack for our client’s end to end business model

What you Get?

  • You get your Sales and Supplies interacting REAL-TIME 
  • You achieve Lean Management keep check on overproduction and avoid underproduction
  • You save on logistics cost by ensuring optimum movement of goods. This helps in less carbon footprints and sustainability    
  • In-a-nutshell, you have better grip on your business.



Control Tower & Spatial Intelligence 

Sector Agnostic

  • Control Towers Market Worth $17.24 Billion By 2027 | CAGR: 16.7%
  • Spatial Intelligence Market Worth $32.8 Billion By 2027 | CAGR: 5.2%

Note: The impacted market would add to the Market cap with our offerings

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