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Product Fitment Survey


WIAN, right from the stage of ideation went around doing surveys multiple times across business sectors worldwide

These surveys were been conducted with industry experts working on BI Tools, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain all the way from staff on ground to C-Levels. We call it from “Shop-Floor to Top-Floor”.

The inputs gathered here are unbiased and kept raw for your kind perusal. If you have any queries regarding this survey, feel free to reach us at sales@wianleaf.com

Read on..

Industries Surveyed

Industry Experience on Spatial BI

Spatial Intelligence - Business Benefits

Industry pulse for Spatial BI

Industry Acquaintance with Spatial BI

Issues around existing BI/ Spatial BI Tools

How curious are industries for a good Spatial BI Tool?

What industry expect from this Spatial BI tool?


These are candid feedbacks collected over years, not always meant to show a rosy picture. Its real! 

Feel free to reach us, if you may like to brainstorm on these parameters and it’s intricacies.