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Product Fitment Survey


WIAN, right from the stage of ideation was been surveyed multiple times across various lines of businesses worldwide

These surveys were been conducted with industry experts working on BI Tools, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain all the way from staff on ground to C-Levels.

The inputs gathered here are unbiased and kept raw for your kind perusal. If you have any queries regarding this survey, feel free to reach us at sales@wianleaf.com

Read on..

Q1: Industries Surveyed

Question: What industry you work for? (E.g. Telecom, Retail, Insurance, Public Sector, Government, Media, Entertainment)

Q2: Industry Analysis/ Operation experience on maps?

Question: In your experience; have you come across any situations where data was viewed on a map to perform analysis or decision-making?(e.g. Where do I have my sales outlets? Where do I have unused inventory? Where am I finding more cases of a particular business issue etc.)

Q3: Benefits of Spatial Business Intelligence (BI)?

Question: From your work experience; kindly provide top two business problems or situations that strike your mind where plotting data on a map will improve analysis and decision-making.

Q4: Industry pulse to have a Spatial BI tool?

Question: How do you rate the benefit of having data plotted on a map for the above business problems or situations?

Q5: Industry acquaintance with Spatial BI?

Question: From your work experience; have you come across mapping tools in your organization (s) for analysis & decision-making? If yes; then kindly list the tools used.

Q6: Issues around existing Spatial BI/ BI Tools?

Question: From your work experience; what prevents/prevented use of such geographical analysis? Kindly list some of the gaps that geographical maps can fill in analysis & decision making process.

Q7: Industry curiosity to have Spatial BI

Question: How would you like a map that assists you to take business actions directly without going to another system? (E.g. Place an order)?

Q8: Industry ask from Spatial BI?

Question: What actions would you love to do on the map relevant to your industry?