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Product Fitment Survey


WIAN, right from the stage of ideation went around doing surveys multiple times across various business sectors worldwide

These surveys were been conducted with industry experts working on BI Tools, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain all the way from staff on ground to C-Levels. We call it from “Shop-Floor to Top-Floor”.

The inputs gathered here are unbiased and kept raw for our readers kind perusal. If you have any queries regarding this survey, feel free to reach us at sales@wianleaf.com

Read on..

Industries Surveyed

Q: What industry you work in? (E.g. Telecom, Retail, Insurance, Public Sector, Government, Media, Entertainment)

As we see here the maximum audience who showed their interest was from Pharma, IT and BFSI. From other sectors we could collectively manage varied inputs which was a gold mine to our start.  



Industry exposure to Spatial solutions

Q: Out of your experience; have you come across any situations where data was viewed on a map to perform analysis or decision-making?(e.g. Where do I have my sales outlets? Where do I have unused inventory? Where am I finding more cases of a particular business issue etc.)

To our surprise, we had audience who have/ had Spatial solutions. Let’s explore a bit more on this.. 



Industry perspective towards Spatial solutions

Q: How do you rate the benefit of having data plotted on a map for the above business problems or situations?

The acceptance towards Spatial solutions looks midway. The existing solutions out there in the market use spatial element as Good-to-Have. We see there is a need to change this perception since any business revolves around multiple geographical location either for their sales or supply chain or both.     



Industry urge for a good Spatial solutions

Q2: How would you like a map that assists you to take business actions directly without going to another system? (E.g. Place an order)?

Apparently, industries has been looking out for a solution which can help them with this very use case.     



Industry expectations from a good Spatial solutions

Q: What actions would you love to do on the map relevant to your industry?

These are the use cases our team would be deep diving over the course of time. 

Industry Preferred Features
Finance Drill down by zooming in and have flexibility to click in to view other charts
Insurance Bifurcation of living standard of the area.
IT Population density
Telecom Specify location, region – effectively zoom to and out by keyword
Filter for specific entries – show me all the x in this area
Use analytics to determine areas of interest based on what is there – show me the top 10 locations where x occurs
IT 1. Almost all industries will require end to end workflow, tightly integrated with ERP, CRM, Supply chain and Finance.
2. Any system that can save time and money.
Use cases can be very different – E.g. An NBFC in consumer – retail loan business wanted to map physical location of the socio economic groups and then overlay this information with loan defaulters and bad credit rating people/address. This gave them visibility to approve loan basis the location of the person and proximity to defaulter heat maps
Networking Drag and drop and get a real time estimate / feedback of parameters
Pharma SFE months analysis plotting
Healthcare More validation of data
Insurance Insurance premium data by state/county
IT Services Be able to locate threats originating from rogue systems and explore ways to thwart or prevent attacks at an early stage
Banking Set up a Branch or Business Agent where no competitors lack coverage
IT Track customer base and buying behavior
Pharma – Shipment temperature conditions suited by ports
– storage capacity at ports
– logisitical options (time , cost indication) – this might to be too much to ask 🙂
Investment Banking I am unsure what the question is…….
Automotive From a Business use may be useful for material planning and logistics for inbound inventory, and for outbound might be useful to track shipping, but OEMs don’t really bother as the risk elements are covered by insurance
Multiple Industries. Drill Down/Up. Filtering with various parameters
Education Certain info which will help us- Downloads happening ( day/week/month), Number of Schools, Category of schools ( CBSE,ICSE).Etc
ITES Use as use case validation for solutions to customer
Insurance Income or social status
Manufacturing Use for market entry strategy
Automobiles – Electric not concluded
Public sector Track staff and clients
Healthcare Get specific info
General Already explained above


Industry business benefits from spatial solutions 

Q: From your work experience; kindly provide top two business problems or situations that strike your mind where plotting data on a map will improve analysis and decision-making?

Again, these are the use cases our team would be deep diving over the course of time. 

Industry How plotting data on maps would improve analysis and decision making?
Finance Performance metrics, Location specific needs
Insurance Customer demographics segregation 
Telecom Logistics & Infotainment 
IT SCM optimization, CXO dashboards, Relevant filters (beyond topography based), Sales by region, Customer base, Field force tracking, Asset tracking
Networking SCM network optimization, Inventory stocking PoI visualization
Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness, Inventory turnover region wise, Cold storage segregation to minimize movement of stock, Cold storage shipment options Sales figure, Expenditure
Healthcare Retail search, Housing
Insurance Inventory tracking business model.
IT Services Tracing location of security hack/Attack, Plotting & Representing location wise, compliance against different security and regulatory requirements, Tracking uptime of Network & IT infrastructure by collaborating with Network service providers
Banking ATM coverage, Branch/Business Agent coverage
Finance N/A
Investment Banking Auditing exposure numbers across the bank, Understand trade flow from Front Office to Middle Office.
Automotive N/A
Multiple Industries. Getting right data to drill down, Map Layers.
Education Identify areas for lead generation , Plan sales / business plan accordingly.
ITES Market clusters for product variant, Sales force route optimization
Pharma Sales figure, Expenditure
Insurance Client NAV and their investment risk appetite
Manufacturing Getting a highly detailed map
Automobiles – Electric Data Not Found
Financial services Customer demography and economic spend
Public sector Location analytics and tracking service delivery
Healthcare Hospitals and patient footfalls
General Visualizing the connection of dots.
Data clustering


Industry spatial solutions as of today 

Q: From your work experience; have you come across mapping tools in your organization (s) for analysis & decision-making? If yes; then kindly list the tools used.

Interesting to see some organizations which are bell weather in this space. 

Industry How plotting data on maps would improve analysis and decision making?
Finance Tableau
IT I have used rudimentary tools as I used quite some time ago
Telecom Homegrown inventory mapping solutions
IT Google Maps in combo with Application, Map india, Tom tom etc
Networking no
Pharma No specifically mapping tools, but we use tools on SFE & Inventory analysis, No tools in our organization. The decision is normally taken through heuristic data.
Healthcare Google
Insurance esri
IT Services A) Security & Information Event Management solution for log monitoring of all critical systems and devices across locations
B) Governance tool to track and showcase compliance against security & regulatory requirements
C) Network Monitoring tools like Nagios or Solarwinds to track all network devices across globe.
Banking No
Finance No
IT Google Maps
Investment Banking There are some workflow tools but they are not plotted as you have mentioned. Would be very helpful to get a map of the bank’s departments & sub-departments so that we can define business process flow & audit the exposure.
Automotive fishbone, fault tree, pareto,
Multiple Industries. Yes. Esri and Google Map
Education No
ITES In house built tools
Pharma Design Of Experiment
Insurance Typically sales tools based on income range, solutions based on gender, age and risk approach
Manufacturing No
Automobiles – Electric no
Financial services N/A
Public sector Google maps and open street maps
Healthcare No
General Not very efficient or effective


Issues pointed around existing spatial solutions  

Q: From your work experience; what prevents/ prevented use of such geographical analysis? Kindly list some of the gaps that geographical maps can fill in analysis & decision making process.

We would reserve our comments on this, since we are still in a learning phase. 

Industry How plotting data on maps would improve analysis and decision making?
Finance Not very intuitive. One needs to put in a lot of effort for basic visualisation
Insurance Effective decision making.
IT Ignorance or over dependence on free tools
Telecom Scale – it is difficult to see detailed information as the maps are too high level
Precision – similar to scale, not enough detail
Relevance – need to be able to filter information specific to your needs
IT 1. Lack of automatic data updation
2. Accurate business KPI data collection and updates
3. Integration will field system
4. Client need to spend money to do automated data collection even before central dash boards can be built
5. Cost of dash boarding solution needs to be minimum without demand for field automation expenses
Networking Good visualization capability , a real time scenario planning with drag and drop of store / dc locations
Pharma We do geographical analysis but plotting and seeing it in the maps has not been done yet. May be because we always need in depth data rather than snapshots.
Healthcare Accuracy
Insurance I am not sure purely based on map data , you can conclude a business decision.
IT Services Proper understanding of the solution. Maps we’re being used earlier but not extensively by all solutions. Even today benefits of using map based technology is not fully being utilized by companies.
Banking Banking (whether ATM or branch) is based on footfall. So based on demographic data banking branches or atm is setup.
Finance N/A
IT Availability of geographic level data
Pharma For our industry this is not a regular decision and most of the times experienced logistic managers know answers to most of the problems / decision points. In rare instances where we need specialized transportation like narcotic durg shipment we take help of specialized logistic companies.
IT Network dependency, location accuracy
Investment Banking It’s complicated & cumbersome process to work with various departments and bring everyone to a single data mapping solution. Various departments have different data requirements, so why would they be interested in this? that is the question we need to answer.
Automotive can be useful for site strategy planning during initial stage of factory builds for an automotive manufacturing – so not very useful on a long term . Although could be useful for tier-1s to when serving multiple customers.
Multiple Industries. Getting right data and Integration with other applications
Education Might help in planning & decision making
ITES Availability /price
Pharma Availability of proper tool to gather real time data
Insurance Useful only to ascertain the cumulative geography risks and identifying locations basis income group / status
Manufacturing Knowledge of using such tool
Automobiles – Electric Not found
Financial services Privacy issues and area mapping
Public sector Better accuracy of location
Healthcare N/A
General Poor visualization of ecosystems


Please Note: 

These were candid feedbacks collected over years, not always meant to paint a rosy picture. Its real! 

Feel free to reach us, if you may like to brainstorm on these parameters and it’s intricacies.

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