Manufacturing is an industry with data almost everywhere but working in silos 

What would be a great customer experience (both online or offline)? 

Your customers order what they want and you are in a position to deliver it right away or in few hours with right quality. This is exactly what big brands are thriving at with Next day delivery, 2 hours delivery etc. That is where enterprises are focusing at with Faster Time to Market being hyperactive on sales diaspora.

Let us sample here with a car manufacturing company.

  • Scenario 1: Let us start with a sales store either company owned or franchisee. Imagine your customer walks. They are handholded by your marketing individual sampling the car, your customer likes it, they do the required survey and your customer is now ready to buy it. The moment your customer gives a nod, you are bound to say – Mr. Customer, you may have to wait for a week or months to have it delivered. What would your prospect customer do, either they change their mind looking for alternative brands, or wait assuming that’s the car they really want.

  • Scenario 2: Let’s tweak the scene a little bit, your customer likes a car, they give a nod, you request your customer to wait few hours to prep the car; the customer can take it offline that evening delivered back home or grab a lunch/ coffee at your waiting lounge you would have it ready by then.


That’s customer delight (Higher CSAT) and this is exactly what your customers are seeking!


Looks simple, but to achieve this level of delivery perfection either you need your entire enterprise ecosystem charged up with equally charged up systems, suppliers and sales stores. Either its humanely impossible or may sound surreal.

Philosophy: An ATC (Air Traffic Control) has minimal to zero catastrophes. Why is that so? This is because its important for someone to look at your business 32000 feet up above where you see the entire canvas to make that critical change in your ecosystem. 

Track & Trace followed by Actionable Location Intelligence:

We at WIAN help you achieve this with WIAN Maps. We would overlay over your existing Supply Chain and CRM systems (with zero disruption to your existing systems) to give that 32K picture. Now we just don’t stop there. We help you take critical decisions on WIAN Maps realtime, infact we go one step ahead helping you take your operations on maps without heavy swivel chair between CRMs and SCMs, wherever possible.

You can now see “realtime” how are the raw materials supplied to the manufacturing hub so that you keep your production line up and running 24x7x365. Yes we track your suppliers from the point their load their raw materials onto the fleet with a QR code/ Waybill scanner etc.
We track the vehicle geocordinates doing geofencing
We track, alert and report delays in case there are any delays whatsoever to the required stakeholders
We provide all this to your users based on their profile based on what role they are assigned to the system i.e. Jack would see region X and its supplies while Jim would see region Y and its supplies. Yes, we are data sensitive.
Domino this from manufacturing to sales and supplies keeping tap warehouses to the corner stores. We monitor all!

This helps your organization achieve the following:

  1. Avoid over producing or underproducing (We are sure your existing ERPs does all that but then its more reactive, we help you being proactive and that too realtime)
  2. Keep your stores in check in terms of their sales
  3. Move over piled stocks among stores avoiding consignments from factory, central warehouses etc. keeping them in long transit
  4. System Alerts and make people accountable for delays keeping it audited realtime
  5. Bring in transparency realtime both on SCM and Sales
  6. Based on historical data we would also suggest you both the suppliers and stores who aren’t performing well 

Our goal is to make your organization achieve excellence being a “Cognitive Enterprise”

Let’s discuss your digitization journey and how we can help you.

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